Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yes, but he's our bastard

Today is the fourth anniversary of a referendum approving another five year term for Pakistani dictator Lt. General Pervez Musharraf.

Musharraf is the latest in a long line of Pakistani dictators, having seized power in a classic bloodless military coup d'etat in 1999. Since then, Musharraf has run roughshod over Pakistan's constitution by retaining his military and political titles and has made some very determined enemies in the process.

Unlike some of his of predecessors, Musharraf has paid some lip service to stepping down and restoring democracy ... eventually, but he's in no hurry. And why should he be? Washington is firmly on his side, and astoundingly enough, he may have actually made some progress in dealing with Pakistan's biggest problem during his tenure.

Musharraf has repeatedly promised to step down when he's finished "stabilizing" Pakistan, but we will do it? History says "probably not", but we shall certainly see.

At any rate, I certainly have to love a dictator who not only keeps a web page, but offers such a frank assesment of his life and career as seen here.


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