Monday, June 19, 2006

Something I need to clear up

Galloway flirting with Uday Hussein

When I admit to having an unhealthy interest in dictators, I should hasten to add that this does not mean I actually like the bastards, but rather, that I find the social, political and economic aspects of totalitarian rule fascinating. After all, most dictators are completely loathesome people prone to doing absolutely unspeakble things to their captive populations. So what sort of an asshole would actually suck up to a dictator he's not in fear of?

Meet British MP George Galloway, my American friends, the sole member of the RESPECT party. When he's not busy sucking up to the likes of Saddam Hussein and Syran dictator Bashar al-Assad, he's often busy advocating the mutiny of British troops in Iraq and begging the tyrants he flatters to line his pockets. That is, of course, when he's not siphoning monies from the charity he's established. Or looting the late, unlamented, UN sponsored "oil-for-food" program. After all, how can one expect a humble public servant afford a Mercedes and a villa in Portugal on a public servant's salary?

While some people may feel that I have a genuine affection for dictators, I don't really. After all, I'd certainly hate to be mistaken for a douchebag like my good pal George Galloway. A greatest hits PDF file can be examined here. Be careful: it may induce vomiting.

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The Dissassociate said...

Am I that someone who may think you have an affection for dictators, guy?