Thursday, January 25, 2007

Which Top 10 dictator should be profiled next?

Since I've started recording this blog's statistics, I came to the pleasantly unexpected realization that people are reading this blog every once in a while. Excellent. Therefore, I will do something out of character for a blog about dictators - open a question up to a vote.

I have compiled my own Top 10 list of dictators (see the sidebar at right), but at present, I have only completed profiles of three of them: Kemal Atatürk, Nicolae Ceauşescu and Saparmurat "Turkmenbashi" Niazov. This means that there are seven dictators on my list who have not been properly profiled - unforgivable! The temptation is to go down the list alphabetically, but where's the fun in that? Therefore, I have created a poll where you, my small handful of readers, can pitch in if they dare, and tell me which dictator should be profiled next.

Stuff the ballot box all you want. Free and fair elections in a dictatorship? Hell no. You're lucky you get ANY sort of election.

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Captain USpace said...

Great site, excellent job, you're linked, thanks!

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God of the Universe thought
Castro was good killer

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