Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ceauşescu to stay buried

Apparently, the daughter of the late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu had petitioned a court in Bucharest two years ago for permission to exhume her parents. Zoe Ceauşescu claimed that the purpose of the requested exhumation was to "establish the identity" of the two corpses buried in Bucharest's Ghencea cemetery.

Yesterday, the court denied her request, preferring not to provide an explanation.

Personally, given Romania's history with the undead, Zoe Ceauşescu's request doesn't sound entirely unreasonable. Then again, neither does the court's refusal. I can understand why the court would rather not have the graves opened: could you imagine how the populace would react if the bodies had disappeared?

Well, how would you react if vampire Ceauşescus were on the loose?

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Michael said...

From what I remember about the fresh corpses of Elena and Nicolae in 1989, there'e likely not much left of their remains. I'm pretty sure that funeral was "closed casket".