Thursday, May 24, 2007

Franco's still dead, but he's the 23rd greatest Spaniard

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, as the joke goes, but perhaps he can feel a little better about one thing - he's been named the 23rd greatest Spaniard ever by viewers of a Spanish television network. If you're wondering who was #1, that would be King Juan Carlos I.

I can't seem to find out who lags behind Franco, however, but really - are we honestly to believe that a non-entity like José Luis Zapatero (#16) or a distinguished but unremarkable scientist like Santiago Ramón y Cajal (#6) are greater than el caudillo de España y de la Cruzada? Someone's got to be rolling over in his grave right now, especially since his Portuguese counterpart António Salazar managed to snag the top spot in Portugal's poll. Franco managed to keep his country out of the second world war too - are Spaniards less appreciative of this than the Portuguese?

Who knows.

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