Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kim's eldest son "back in favor"

The eldest son of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-nam, is rumored to have returned to North Korea from exile in China - a sign that the scion of the Kim dynasty has officially returned to favor. Details are sketchy, but it seems that the elder Kim has put his newly returned son to work in a "high position" in the ruling North Korean Workers' Party. The return of Kim Jong-nam, if official, might just settle North Korea's thorny succession question in the world's only communist monarchy, which has become much more important after Kim Jong-Il's recent brush with death.

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Michael said...

I had not heard...

Apparently, 'lil Kim's portly son has been forgiven for taking thst Disney vacation several years ago. Most experts had written him off as a possibke successor to his father.

Hard to imagine this fat little punk being able to run a country.