Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dictator fetes ... dictator.

In a move that startled absolutely nobody, Venezuelan caudillo Hugo Chávez has bestowed Venezuela's highest honor, The Order of the Liberator, on dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko of Belarus.

The award, given for "meritorious service to Venezuela" was given to Europe's last dictator shortly after Chávez's own attempt to become president for life was narrowly thwarted at the polls. Undaunted by Lukashenko's rotten records on press and political freedoms, Chávez gushed that Lukashenko's Belarus is "a model social state, like the one we are trying to create [in Venezuela]". Venezuelans will doubtlessly be overjoyed to learn that Chávez views Belarus as a political and social role model, which removes those final doubts some Chávez opponents had about leaving the country forever before they're locked up as political prisoners.


Michael said...

Somehow I don't think we'll be seeing Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, etc. fellating Mr. Lukashenka. Can someone explain this to me? I don't understand the difference.

Anonymous said...

No one could console me
I had to cry it out
I feared my death in torment
But God I never doubted
I took the blame for what I felt
And meant to overcome
Lord, what is it I’ve done to me?
I only wanted some
I cried out on my knees to God
My panicked thoughts would cease
I paced and breathed in water
Hoped that would lead to peace
What the hell is wrong with me?
I never stopped to dwell
I’d be healed if he’d have it be
If not I’d stay in hell
I got mad and chose to fight
And took the devil on
Never thinking I was ill
Too ill to get it done
And all while I was sinking
A rock formed under me
Such had been my training
To trust his sovereignty
And in the interim I studied
Envisioning success
I worked two jobs and volunteered
And ignored the building stress
I wanted to be a pastor
But the board turned me away
The flock of sheep would kill me
And hate to hear me pray
Then all my accusers
Discovered my back story
Drugs or sex or rock ‘n’ roll?
No, wounded for his glory!
I made it ‘cause he said so
I kept my sanity
I’d spent a mystic’s life
Rationalizing reality
I knew Jesus would come
I knew it in ‘67
When my teachers said the prophecy
Had been fulfilled by heaven
Jerusalem belonged again
To Israel at last
But even that’s been lied about
I hear the Luciferians laugh
You’re laughing and celebrating, too
You think you’ll get this off the ground
Well, I have news for you ...
The African heart abounds
While you have been in paradise
I have been in hell
I’m ready ... are you ready ...
To ring the opening bell?
My year in Ethiopia and Eritrea
Which took me far away
And never brought me back
At least not all the way
It was part of an amazing plan
That began with a broken child
Forced to endure the madness
When I was meek and mild
The terrors went away
When I at last looked in
And heard God say, "I’m none of that.
Let your training begin."

And until 2001
And into 2002
I never had a hint
A hunch, idea or clue
The timing mean a lot
And then visions began
Perhaps they’re from the pills
That I hold in my hand
No, if God is sovereign
And if he answers prayer
And he is the beginning and the end
He’s always everywhere
It is he who has healed me
And keeps me razor sharp
And sends me to the lions
To crush them with my harp
Now I have got a choice to make
Some people I must meet
To turn my face to the east
Most humble and discreet
To take to heart those people
Whose hearts all took me in
And made me feel that I was home
I’m coming home again
I’m coming home to speak
To pray and raise my hands
And stand in need of deliverance
To see the strongman
Isaias Afewerki
O king do you know me?
You will surely die
If you don’t set my people free

-- Thorn

Anonymous said...

I miss updates! When will you start posting again?

Step said...

I miss updates! When will you start posting again?

shahid said...

What is Golha Boa.?Golha Boa means,one who steals mercilessly from the poorest of the poor....

Please put a link on your blog...
this is all about Maldives Dictator..

Anonymous said...


John said...

Last time I checked Chavez is a democratically elected president. You may not like his policies, but that doesn't change this fact.

Hell, to me G.W. Bush was a fascist mass murderer, but this doesn't change the fact that he was democratically elected. No? He wasn't? Well, then why don't you try to change the dictatorships closer to your own home???

Chavez was, and is, the democratically elected president of his country. So stop whining. If you don't like his policies don't go to Venezuela. Or do you think that every president in the world has to make policies that please you and your own countrymen?

Alex said...

Yes, Lukashenko is deserved to be brought to people's attention. His dictatorship reminds a mix of the soviet and north korean style. There is a comprehensive list of dictators profiles that describe what each of the current tyrants is all about. You can check it out at

McFred said...

Ah, there you are. Come over to my place and stick your warm, floury hands down my pants. What you find there will excite, and maybe surprise you!
I'm waiting...

Anonymous said...

Europe's Last dictator? what about Transnistria's Igor Smirnov and Kosovo's Hashim Thaci?