Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Aló Presidente, mi amor!

Good news for my rich, socialist readers: Fidel Castro says he's feeling better every day! Cuba's Eternal Maximum Leader telephoned to say hello to - who else? - Venezuelan autocrat Hugo Chávez on the latter's television show, Aló Presidente.

For the first time in over six months, Castro was heard speaking to a live audience, saying that he feels "stronger" and "more energetic", much to the delight of the lovestruck Chávez who cooed, "You don't know how happy we are to hear your voice and know that you're well".

Just when we thought we were out, he keeps pulling us back in! Castro's health is still a state secret in Cuba, and what information leaks out tends to be spotty. Castro's high priced Spanish doctor would only go on the record to deny earlier unconfirmed reports that el jefe has cancer. It seems Castro has declined to divulge the nature of his illness to any Cuban doctors - a wise move considering that so many of them are defecting from Cuba.

Does Fidel's newfound "energy" and "strength" mean that he will be kicking interim president, and younger brother, Raúl back to the curb? Not a chance. Will we continue to see Fidel and Chávez continue their nauseating, prolonged public displays of affection? Bet on that.

UPDATE: "Caramba! It's Fidel!"


Anonymous said...

Pretty much this blog is about those who refuse to follow the rules of Rockefellers and The New World Order.

Sure you, would say their people are starving. World controllers have all the power to make that happen!

Anonymous said...

Ah, and where is George W. Bush???

Unknown said...
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