Monday, July 02, 2007

The masses have spoken!

The polls are closed! The vote to choose the next dictator to receive a Top 10 profile has ended, and the masses have chosen German Führer Adolf Hitler as the next tyrant to be profiled on Dictators of the World. It's like 1933 all over again! Hitler's 30% share trumped heavyweights Josef Stalin (25%) and Mao Zedong (17.5%) and also unfortunately trounced my personal favorite, François "Papa Doc" Duvalier (2.5%). To be honest, I was dreading Hitler's triumph, will or no will. I'm really going to have to dig a bit to avoid a standard biographical rehash a la The History Channel.

Der Führer will get what's coming to him shortly, after which, the field of contestants will be reduced to five. Who will be next? And why isn't poor Enver Hoxha getting any votes?


Unknown said...

Too bad. I would have preferred Stalin.

If you are looking for a great analysis of Hitler, read "The Meaning of Hitler" by Sebastian Haffner.

I cannot recommend this book enough.
It's short, just 200 pages, and simply brilliant. Haffner analyses Hitler's successes, errors and crimes.

It's not a recitation of the historic facts though. You have to know the basic facts before reading.

Joshua Foust said...

Aw hell, I'll put in my vote for Enver. Albania is an interesting place, if only because it was the European country most like North Korea. Discuss.

Michael said...

I prefer the Man of Steel as well. What more can be said about the Fuhrer? On the other hand, Stalin's closed society created a mystique that still makes for an interesting read today.

Hoxha ran an insignificant country so it's not surprising you couldn't manufacture votes for him.

I'm disppointed in the poll results.

Michael said...

Thanks. Hopefully this will start a trend here on your blog. Your icon is cool, too --- very dignified. Props to your 'Lil State.