Monday, July 16, 2007

Saddam's British sycophant MP suspended

British MP "Gorgeous" George Galloway will have an entire month off from work to wax nostalgic about his late bosom buddy, Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. That's because the British Parliament's Committee on Standards in Public Life is about to hand out a one month suspension to Galloway for "failing to properly declare his links" to a shell charity that funneled money from the United Nations "oil for food program" into Galloway's pockets. Under the scheme, the oil revenues were transfered to the transparently bogus charity devoted to ending sanctions on Iraq, before disappearing into Galloway's hands. One hand washed the other, turning sanctions busting into Mercedes Benzes and a swank luxury villa in Portugal for Galloway. Not bad for a poor boy from Dundee, eh?

The one month suspension is one of the harshest penalties to be handed out by the Parliamentary regulatory body, but Galloway isn't particularly worried. Perhaps he's waiting for someone to salute his "courage and indefatigability" while he's out?


Freedomnow said...

This tiny bit of justice is a good start.

George personifies everything that is wrong with the "antiwar" movement.

He is anti-Semitic, a supporter of oppressive dictators who derides his own democratic society, an Orwellian propagandist and popular for it.

Damn! I wish Karma was for real. If someone wants to argue that the concept is valid please explain why dictators like Stalin and Mao never paid for their crimes. You may say that they were sad and trapped in their worlds of paranoia, but that doesn’t help their victims.

mah29001 said...

Galloway is also an apologist for Soviet Russia during the Cold War and is involved in a number of anti-Israel fronts. Stop the War Coalition, for an example, is a front that includes Galloway being aligned quite openly with the Communist Party of Britain.

This coalition is also aligned with the Enough! Coalition, a broad anti-Israel coalition that says zip about Palestinian terrorism. Galloway's Stop the War Coalition is also involved with Action Palestine, a front that includes the Revolutionary Communist Group and the Communist Revolution, front for the Workers' Power.